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Julian C. Hamer is an award-winning filmmaker, television and digital content producer, cinematographer, director, and storyteller. Her first feature documentary, If Walls Could Talk, followed a group of artists during the curation of a mural project in the Baltimore community of Sandtown-Winchester after the Uprising in 2015.


Realizing her passion for sharing untold narratives from different perspectives and communities has opened many doors for her as a freelancer in various capacities for the Travel Channel, Fox News, CNN, ESPN, A&E, Investigation Discovery, TIME, Adult Swim, HBO, and PBS.


Most recently, she worked as the Senior Producer of Video Content and Cinematographer for Vice President Kamala Harris during her Presidential campaign and the Biden Harris, leading her two predominantly women of color video teams. Julian also directed and shot the Democratic National Convention and campaign introduction video for Vice President Harris. 


After shaping the Vice President's digital story during the 2020 election cycle, Julian co-founded Fearless Video, a women of color owned, led, and operated production company with a colleague from the campaign trail. 

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